We’re a full-service shop for all bicycles including gravel, mountain, road, commuting, and e-bikes. We also have our own line of products that can be found here!


Prices reflect labor only and do not include parts. We ask that you allow for a $50 parts allotment, if needed, during your tune-up. Book Now.


$100 + Tax

The most popular tune. Perfect for people who regularly ride their bike and want it to function like new. Includes Safety Check plus:

Troubleshooting problematic drivetrains and bottom brackets, intensive cleaning, full wheel true, hydraulic bleed/top-off, and installation of worm/new components like pads, bar tape, etc.

Safety Check

$65 + Tax

Perfect for people with a gently used bike that needs some work to ensure safety and proper functioning.

Includes adjusting brakes and shifting, minor wheel trueing, surface clean, cockpit/headset adjustment, and safety check.


$250 + Tax

For people who want to revive and/or restore their bike to the utmost degree. Includes other two categories plus:

Replace and grease all bearings, race/face/chase/tap & ream as needed. Steel frame alignment, rust removal, polishing, and removal of seized components.

A La Carte Service

Prices below are exclusive of parts and are subject to change. Most products purchased through GoodWeather receive a 25% labor discount (Wheels excluded) If you don’t see a service you need or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) or phone (206) 552-9864

Area of bikeService TypeCost (Subject to change)
Pad Install
Cable Install
Caliper Install
Hydraulic Bleed
Boxing & ShippingBoxing (materials included)
At Label Cost
CockpitHeadset Install$20
DrivetrainChain Install
Bottom Bracket Install*
Clean Drivetrain
Shift Adjustment
Hanger Alignment
Derailleur Install
Wheels & TiresFlat fix/Tire Install
Wheel True
Hub Adjustment/Grease/Bearing Work
Spoke Replacement
Wheel Build (see below)
Tubeless Install
$65/$110 pair
$20 + sealant
MiscCrash/Damage Estimate
Shop Time Hourly (broken bolts, stuck stuff, etc.)
SKS Fender Install
Aluminum Fender Install
Rack Install

E-bikes over 40lbs will be charged at shop time ($80/hr)

Custom Builds

We were bred to build from scratch. We love to build wheels and have relationships with most hub, rim, and spoke brands.

Wheels – LaborWheel Build$65/$110 pair
Bicycles – LaborConsultation & Build$175-$225


Book A Tune-Up or Other Service

Book a service to be done on your bicycle. If you need a simple A La Carte service (such as brake adjustment, flat fix, etc.), stop by anytime. When your bicycle is ready, we will contact you for pick-up.  Bicycles left for more than 5 days after being completed will incur a $5/day storage fee unless otherwise discussed.