Voile Straps


Voile straps are durable and versatile nylon webbing straps that come in various lengths and colors, perfect for securing and organizing gear in any outdoor activity.



Voile straps are an essential tool for every adventurer, camper, hiker, or bikepacker. These durable and versatile straps can be used to secure and organize gear, tie down equipment to vehicles, or even repair broken gear. The straps are made from tough nylon webbing with a sturdy buckle that ensures a secure hold. They come in various lengths and colors, making them a perfect fit for all your outdoor needs. Whether you need to strap down a bike, secure a sleeping pad, or tie up a tarp, Voile straps are the perfect solution. They are easy to carry, easy to use, and won’t fail you in the toughest conditions.

Additional information

Attribute 1

12in, 16in, 20in, 6in

Attribute 2

Green, Tan

Attribute 3

Nano, Standard GW Branded