Powder Coating, Anodizing, & More

We’re now offering bicycle refinishing and some frame repairs through our fab shop. Drop your bicycle off at Good Weather and we’ll take care of the rest. For finishing, we currently focus on powder coating, which means we mostly coat metal parts and not carbon at this time. For repairs, we can work on Titanium and Steel.

Single Color Powder

The Single Color Powder is made to keep your bike on the road and looking good. This is the most streamlined and barebones finishing we offer and with it there are some caveats and conditions to keep things streamlined. See our Single Color Powder page to learn more about what it entails.

Stock Fades & Duotones

A single color finish can look amazing, but when you want to add some magic and flare without the cost of of custom, this option is for you. You can pick the colors and the fade style. This doesn’t include any substitutions, decals, or other add ons.

Custom Finishing

Want something truly unique and specific? Sounds rad. We’ll help worth through the details of various decals, fades, metallics, and other possibilities that make something one of a kind.

Design Services

While some people come to us with finished designs and the art perfected while others just have a couple reference items they are intrigued by. If you’re looking for a bit of help, then during the design phase, you’ll send over colors, photos, textures, etc. that you like and we’ll work to transform that inspiration into a finished bicycle. $250 includes 3 frame and fork directions and 1 round of revisions. If we need to do more design work beyond the allotted revisions, it is $125/hr.

One Stop Shop

We’re happy to be adding finishing to our list of general bike shop services. You can now drop off your complete bicycle to us and we’ll deal with the rest. Want to upgrade parts? We’ve got years of experience making your ride feel just right. For $250 we’ll disassemble, reassemble, and give a general tune-up to your two wheeled friend. Want to learn about what else we do in the shop? check out our full list of services.