Fun Club

$50/year helps to grow and support the Cycling Community.

It’s been our primary mission to try and create opportunities for everyone to be a part of something genuine and nurturing; our goal is to contribute to the culture of cycling by making a space free of pomp, without fuss, and always with a vision for adventure. We are lucky to be able to share this vision with you all, the best companions anyone could ask for. 

With this in mind, we have created The Good Weather Fun Club.  It’s a ride and social club for nice people who like bikes.

What’s Included?

  • Good Community Vibes
  • Full ride calendar with scheduled rides, and pre-planned routes. From short city rides to bike-packing adventures.
  • Ride with GPS Premium Club benefits
  • 10% off Good Weather Products
  • 10% Discounts on Food/Drink at Tailwind Café
  • Early Access to Closeout Sales
  • Member kit/clothing pricing.
  • Early Access and Special Pricing for Campouts and other events.
  • Earned Discounts on bicycles, product, etc. (see below)
  • Maintenance tips/how to classes.
  • Cool patches, stickers, and other merch.
  • & More

Did you say discounts & prizes?

Yes. We believe  the more everyone participates the better life will be :-). So we’re incentivizing you showing up. If you join the club, you’ll get additional prizes and discounts for participating and having a good time. We’ll also have some special merch for fun club members.

When you achieve the tasks in each blocked section during an event, you will be eligible for the noted discount for the entire year of your membership. Discounts apply to everything and cannot be coupled with additional deals or discounts. If you complete the tasks in yellow, you’ll get one-off prizes ranging from special patches to free drinks. Ok, so what do all those little icons mean?

Achievements Key

General Event. Go to any event, party, ride, etc and get this achievement.
Bring a new person to an event or a ride. By bringing in new people you’re expanding the community and ewe appreciate it.
Share images with us that we can use to promote the club, Good Weather, etc.
Go swimming during a ride or event. Best done mid summer at night.
Share a favorite food you love with the group. Big Bonus points if it is home-made and weird.
Help Host or organize an event with us
Go on an overnight campout or trip
Go on a night ride!
Route planner badge. You help us create a routes on ride with GPS. Approved routes get a free drink (beer, latte, etc.)
Aye Aye Captain. You’re a ride leader. Free food on the day of the ride and some not so subtle recognition.
You hero! You fixed someones flat/helped them with another mechanical issue. Free beverage coming your way!
Stop by on your birthday and we’ll celebrate with you with a surprise.
Win a challenge at an event or ride. More info coming.

Good to knows/FAQs

Is this going to be fun?

We sure hope so. We’re looking to strike a balance between general events and rides. For rides, we’ll have clear communication about speeds, distances, and routes so it is easy to self-select which rides to go on that you’ll like.

Why does it cost $money? What does that go towards?

The membership fees go towards things like Ride With GPS Club memberships, insurance for rides, and other administrative costs.

How do I redeem discounts?

When visiting the café, let whoever is working know you’re in the club and show them your card or helmet sticker. In the bike side, show the mechanic your punched card. If you have any questions, let us know.

How do you earn discounts & prizes?

In addition to the automatic benefits you get from being part of the club, you can earn more discounts and prizes by participating with the community & getting achievements. We track these achievements on an adorable member card