Winter Riding

Winter has a way of making us feel like we are in competition with Nature; either you have waterproof clothing, or you soak through; either you have a consistent light source to cut through the abundance of darkness, or you risk having an accident; with fenders you blast away street filth and water, or you skunk tail.

Cyclists are perhaps the most seasonally minded people we’ve met. You name the malady, and your commuter friends have come up with a dozen different approaches to solving it. Milk cartons tethered to seat posts, Dynamo USB chargers, Otterwaxed canvas bags, etc; cyclists are challenged by the outdoors and, more often than not, revel in the opportunity to engineer solutions.

That being said, there are a million different hacks that you might learn about, but the best options are usually those sold from reputable brands.

Here are a few products we really love:

  • SKS LongBoard and RaceBlade Long Models
  • PDW Full Metal Urban and Road Models
  • Lights: Dynamo Models
  • Schmidt SON Hub and EDelux
  • Shimano Alivio Hub and Busch Muller IQ
  • Lights: Rechargeable
  • Knog Mr. Chippies Mini
  • Cyrgolite Metro 210
  • Bags and Panniers:
  • Ortlieb Backroller and Frontroller Classic
  • Swift Industries Lineup

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