Good Weather on Electric Bikes

It took us a while to adopt any e-bikes to the shop. It was a mix of questionable aesthetics, proprietary and often poor functional design, and just not loving many of the solutions that the emerging industry was creating. For the most part, e-bikes were overpowered and under finessed.

We want to sell and use e-bike that help to flatten the city and increase mobility, not build rocket ships that pose potential dangers to the people who ride around on them. So when we got a chance to try to newest Orbea electric bikes we felt something new. We found a bicycle that feels like a bicycle, looks great, and gives you the boost that makes these hills more manageable.

While we love pushing hard and zooming around a corner with not a single battery or electronic in sight, we also love mobility and people getting outside and e-bikes help that happen.

While we continue to be on the look out for other options, we’re pretty stoked that we’ve got the Orbea Gain models in the shop and available to us.

Stop by and ride one.

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